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 just found out her husband wasn’t coming home again tonight. She didn’t have sex in 3 months!!! Luckily she had this pink that could help out. It had a suction cup which sucked best to the kitchen table. She put some on herself and the and started to ride it. Just when she was about to come Johnny came home. Her stepson always had the best timing. When he saw his Johnny quickly ran out again. Sandy followed him and pulled him back to the house. She explained she didn’t have sex in 3 months. Johnny showed her in pantomime language what he would do if he was his dad. Sandy liked it. She wanted him to show her again. It turned her on. She dragged him back to the kitchen and asked him to spread on her butt. Then to play with her pussy. She sucked his dick. Finally they fucked. She was leaning on the kitchen counter while Johnny did her doggy. Then they went down on the floor and she was riding him. In the end Johnny s**t is cum into her face.

Date: February 15, 2023

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