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Vigilante group the Vermin have caused 30 straight days of anarchy in Paradise City, and the chaos is just getting worse. Lucy may be a badass, but she’s just trying to get through the day and earn enough money, including whatever call girl jobs she can get, to leave the city. When she’s summoned to Mayor Stone (Scott Nails)’s mansion, she’s surprised that she’ll be taking care of Mrs. Stone , and that Mr. Stone isn’t staying to watch. The blonde rich bitch wants to be thoroughly dominated by Lucy, and her husband paid enough for her to get whatever she wants. But what Lucy doesn’t know is Mr. Stone is watching her lick his wife’s pussy, sit on her face, and scissor her… on a monitor in another room as he fucks his mistress, Stella . Lucy thought it was just another job… until she gets pulled deep into the conflict tearing Paradise City apart!

Date: February 25, 2023

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